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The Samsung A21S features a 6.5-inch Infinity-O PLS TFT LCD display. This makes the screen look as wide as possible. The HD+ display allows you to see the content on the screen from edge to edge. While this phone’s display isn’t the best when it comes to video resolution, it does have decent brightness and saturation. In terms of looks, the Samsung A21s is a solid choice for the price. Samsung A21S

If you want a phone that works for work and is also portable, this one is a great choice. The 5,000-mAh battery is more than enough for a day’s use. It also supports fast charging up to 15 Watt, which means you can skip hours of waiting for your phone to charge. Samsung offers a variety of different versions of the A21S. You can find one to suit your needs! You’ll be glad you bought it.

In terms of performance, the A21S is a solid option. It weighs 192 grams and measures 163.6 x 75.3 x 8.9mm. You can use your existing headphones with the Samsung A21S. The front camera is unobtrusive. The back panel is reflective, and has an L-shaped quad camera setup with LED flash. A few users have reported that the display automatically comes on when you pick up the phone.

The Samsung A21S is available in many major cities across Pakistan. You can get one from a local shop or through Samsung’s online store. The retail price for the base variant of the device is Rs. 33,500. If you want to buy a higher model, you can get one with a higher storage capacity for Rs. 49,000. Alternatively, you can save money by buying the phone online. Just remember to purchase the phone that suits your needs.

While the battery life of the Samsung A21S is impressive, it’s important to know that it can’t play demanding games like Call of Duty Mobile. Its camera is good for simple activities, such as watching videos and listening to music. However, the camera’s lack of flexible zoom makes it less than desirable for those looking to record videos. Fortunately, the phone does have an excellent screen, fast Wi-Fi, and a big battery.

While the camera quality of the Samsung A21s is decent, it could use a little work. The main camera module is 48MP, and features a f/2.0 aperture. The Quad Bayer imaging scheme improves the light sensitivity and colour rendering. The second module, called the “wide-angle” module, has a resolution of eight MP. The front camera has a 2-Megapixel module that helps with night-time shots.

If your phone is running slowly, you should try uninstalling applications you don’t use. Keeping your phone clean will free up some RAM and make the phone run more quickly. If your phone is overheating, you should also update all of your apps and go to a service center. In case the problem persists, you can try a factory reset of your device to fix it. Then you can try the same method to uninstall applications that are causing the device to run slow.

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